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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Periodontal and Overall Dental Health

Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation and often disease.  Periodontal disease does not hurt in early or moderate stages. Don’t overlook this obvious sign.

No, hygienists clean teeth, polish teeth and give oral hygiene instruction. They also monitor how effective you are at keeping your mouth clean.

Dr. Darviche is a periodontist. Periodontists treat, maintain and manage gum health which includes the bone that surrounds your teeth. Additionally periodontal health is closely linked to patient overall health.

Hopefully not as Dr. Darviche has tremendous experience with non surgical periodontal treatment.

Yes, Dr. Darviche routinely treats tooth recession.

Many patients don’t find periodontal surgery to be painful at all. Most patients can carry on with their usual routine within 24 hours.

Implants require specialized maintenance and care which is different than what is needed for your natural teeth. Dr. Darviche uses specialized instruments, skill and techniques to support your implant health.

No, because it tends to be very painful. Her approach is often painless.

Yes, loose teeth are a sign of active disease.

Yes, that is often a sign of active periodontal disease.

Dr. Darviche is patient, knowledgeable, and gentle. She makes you feel confident and at ease. I highly recommend her!”

— Amy

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