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Women’s Dental Health

Periodontal health is an essential component for healthy, comfortable, and beautiful aging throughout a woman’s life.

Dr. Darviche takes an interest in the special concerns of women’s dental and overall health. Dr. Darviche sees this clearly so that the best treatment plan can be given to you.

Studies show a clear link between the bacteria which cause periodontal disease and an increased incidence of preterm low birth-weight babies.

Unnecessary post-menopausal bone loss around the teeth, gums, ligaments and jawbone can be prevented by achieving better periodontal health. This is another example of the oral systemic connection.
Women with osteoporosis, who plan to or are taking medication to maintain bone density should be cleared and monitored for gum and bone health. Being free of periodontal disease helps prevent oral complications.

Women’s Dental and Overall Health

Dr. Darviche is great! I went for a consultation-found out my gums weren’t in as bad shape as I feared but still needed work. I ended up with a treatment plan to get my gums healthier and to help me with my goal of keeping my teeth for the rest of my life. The office is a friendly (yet professional), judgement-free zone. Ask all the questions you want-Dr. Darviche loves to teach. I found out I wasn’t brushing my teeth as effectively as possible. It’s never too late to learn! I highly recommend Dr. Darviche.

— Mary M.

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