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Dr. Darviche is great! I went for a consultation-found out my gums weren’t in as bad shape as I feared but still needed work. I ended up with a treatment plan to get my gums healthier and to help me with my goal of keeping my teeth for the rest of my life. The office is a friendly (yet professional), judgement-free zone. Ask all the questions you want-Dr. Darviche loves to teach. I found out I wasn’t brushing my teeth as effectively as possible. It’s never too late to learn! I highly recommend Dr. Darviche.

Mary M.

Dr. Darviche has a way of making you feel comfortable. I have never liked going to the dentist but after meeting Dr. Darviche I can honestly say I don’t mind going. Her and the staff are great and friendly.

Ed F.

Dr. Darviche is patient, knowledgeable, and gentle. She makes you feel confident and at ease. I highly recommend her!


My experience and knowledge of Dr. Darviche is that she is always thinking of whole body health. She helps me understand the health of my mouth and how it relates to my whole body. Dr. Darviche speaks calmly and takes the time to explain exactly how to care for my teeth and implants. There is no judgement. I have always seen articles how your gums affect your heart but to be able to have a Periodontist right here in Waltham with such talent and knowledge of the whole body is amazing. I am so happy to have Dr. Darviche as part of my health team. Highly recommend!!


I have always been uncomfortable going to the dentist but my experience with Dr. Jane was very POSITIVE. She is meticulous, gentle, reassuring and professional and my mouth looks and feels completely different. I was afraid to go but she made me so comfortable. I even think her treatment has improved my sleep! FIVE STARS for me.


GIVE YOURELF A VERY SPECIAL GIFT! A massage for your mouth– soothing, painless, and non-invasive– a totally unexpected and refreshing experience. Call Dr. Jane Darviche —she does not disappoint! She knows how to make your mouth feel so clean while strengthening your gums and preventing bone loss — and she does it with a most gentle and caring approach. You’ll wonder why you waited so long for a periodontal cleaning!


Scheduling was a breeze and appointments were timely. Although I am someone who struggles with anxiety in the dentist chair, this was not the case under Dr. Darviche’s care. All of the staff are warm, welcoming, wonderful people— thus it did not take long for me to relax and feel more at-ease. Dr. Darviche did a spectacular job on my teeth & gums and most certainly exceeded expectations. I never thought my smile would look this good again. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


I have to say Dr. Darviche is very knowledgeable, professional, caring, gentle and I could go on and on. How could I forget very funny. She makes me fell comfortable and confident knowing that she makes sure her patient is well informed and taken care of. I am so thankful she has went above and beyond to resolve my dental needs. No more discomfort. Once you walk in the office the whole team is like family. They really care. Thank you. My experience was amazing!!!. KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!!!!


When I came to Dr. Darviche my mouth was in really bad shape. I was terrified. Dr. Darviche has performed two major perio procedures for me. Both were complex and happened over a number of appointments. She has provided me with gorgeous teeth and a healthy mouth. Truly ,there was no pain. I never took anything after the work stronger than Tylenol.
Her work is exceptional.


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